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Apollo News Daily


Apollo News Daily

Gary Null Speaking Out at the NYS Assembly Hearing:

By Gary Null 
November 9th, 2009


How Schools Stifle Creativity

Written by Sir Ken Robinson 
November 4th, 2009

 Sir Ken Robinson, Ph.D, an expert in creativity, innovation and human resources, gave this popular talk at the TEDconference in 2006. In this article he explores why the message has resonated with audiences. Robinson is a best-selling author whose latest book is "The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything (Viking)." He received a knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II in 2003 for his service to the arts and education.

Click here to read the full story.


Leaked CFR File: How to Get the Public to Take the H1N1 Vaccine

November 3rd, 2009


Argentina: Disappearing Farmers, Disappearing Food


Written by Marie Trigona 
October 30th, 2009

Worldwide, industrial mono-culture farming has displaced traditional food production and farmers, wreaking havoc on food prices and food sovereignty. This is particularly true for the global south, where land has been concentrated for crops destined for biodiesel and animal feed. In response, peasants and small farmers organized actions in more than 53 countries on October 15 for International Food Day as an initiative of Via Campesina, one of the largest independent social movement organizations, representing nearly 150 million people globally.


Click here to read the full story.


Student Loans:

The Plight of the Next Generation (Part I)

An Open Letter to the President


Written by Victor Madison 
October 27th, 2009

Today, many Americans are struggling to provide their families with the most basic of essentials, whether it is a roof over their head or food in their bellies. These hardships affect people who work (or worked) in almost every industry and are not limited to the unskilled, undereducated, and/or unmotivated citizen.



Morgellons Disease:

The Truth and the Myth

Written by Zephyr Faegen
September 18th, 2009

The Mystery of Morgellons disease has been debated over and over again by medical professionals as well as lay persons who have dedicated their time to studying this cryptic and debilitating condition.  Because of political and public pressure, Morgellons disease has gained significant recognition in the last 8 years and has lead to the formation of multiple support groups, independent research groups, as well as the Morgellons Research Foundation. This all began in earnest because of one woman’s love for her child combined with the complete abandonment of the mainstream medical community’s ability to provide any real medical diagnosis or treatment within their known paradigm.


Soldier Claims Authorities Training To Intern

Americans Who Refuse Swine Flu Shot

Written by Prison Planet.com
Thursday, September 17, 2009

In the video below, a soldier claims she has trained with California police to set-up checkpoints and force vaccinations on the public. Those who refuse will be boarded on a bus and taken to a concentration camp. She includes a photo of an RFID device she claims will be used to track people and materiel. She says the military and police will use electronic bracelets to track the vaccinated.

For more information click here.


RFID Bracelets and the Swine Flu Shot

For more information click here


Una De Gato is the Clawed Medicinal Vine of the Amazon


Written by Zephyr Faegen
September 18th, 2009

Una de gato (Uncaria tomentosa) or Cats claw is an Amazonian vine that can be found in the high altitude Rainforest throughout Central and South America as well as in Trinidad and grows to lengths of more than 30 meters (100 feet) into the rainforest canopy. This wonderfully medicinal plant has been used for over 2,000 years for the treatment of numerous medical ailments by the Ashaninka, Shipibo, Conibo, and several other tribes


Pu-erh Tea is a Chinese Cholesterol Remedy and Overall Health Tonic


Written by Zephyr Faegen 
September 17th, 2009

For over 2000 years, a special tea that originates from the Yunnan Province of China has been coveted for its preventative and curative properties. This tea is known as Pu-erh or Yunnan Tuocha. The tea`s cultivation can be traced as far back as the Han Dynasty (202 BCE-220 CE) and was made from the leaves of da ye or broad leaf tea. The leaves of this variety of old wild tea tree when picked, are taken and put through a process

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