Are We Going to War in Yemen Now Too?

Written By Zephyr Faegen
January 27th, 2010

Today in an article by the Washington Post, senior officials from the Obama Administration have stated that we now have and are conducting military operations in conjunction with the Yemeni Government. Several dozen soldiers from the military’s Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), a special forces division dedicated to tracking and killing “suspected” terrorists, are working with the Yemeni military in joint operations on surveillance and kill missions.

Though senior officials stated that the several dozen military soldiers were only there in advisory positions, there is no conclusive evidence showing that these soldiers are not participating on the ground in actual kill missions.

So far we have shared highly sensitive classified information, proprietary military technology, as well as advanced military techniques and strategies to assist the Yemeni military in apprehending these “suspected” terrorists.

As part of this new alliance with the Yemeni government the US military has conducted six known strikes against terrorists, which the American government is associating with the group name “Al Qaeda”. A blanket name given for legal reasons in the US to be able to put “suspected” terrorists and Osama bin Laden on trial for the Bombings of 9/11 as well as the numerous other charges brought against Muslim fundamentalists who conduct acts of terrorism. Here is a list of the known strikes with their relative locations.

November 29th 2009: Two air strikes were made north of the city of Sanaa. There was no indication on who or how many were killed.

December 17th 2009: Air Strikes and ground raids were made in the southern part of the country. 30 “suspected” terrorists were killed. 

December 24th 2009: A strike on senior “Al Qaeda” members in the eastern section of the Shabwa Province. No indication on who or how many were killed. 

January 15th 2010: A bomb attempt in northern Yemen targeted several of Yemen’s most wanted suspected “Al Qaeda” members. No indication on who or how many were killed.

January 20th 2010: Another air strike was made in the northern region of the Shabwa province on several of Yemen’s most wanted suspected “Al Qaeda” members. No indication on who or how many were killed.

As of today we are now successfully conducting military operations in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Yemen.

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