Call of Duty Has Gone Too Far: How Our Children Are Being Programed Right Before Our Very Eyes

Written by James Green
November 25th, 2009

This is one of the more disturbing things I have seen in a while. To think of the way that our society is programmed and conditioned is becoming sickening. How our children are manipulated into believing that certain things are normal when most of us would be outraged if we stopped and paid attention. Of course that’s the key, if we paid attention. We live in a time when we are forced to not trust; a time when toys or games can be used to form ideals not just entertain. Face it, you could probably go on all day long about how messed up it is that propaganda and social programming rules our lives on a daily basis. It’s a constant that most don’t see, let alone understand. When those of us, who have seen through the smoke and mirrors, truly get an understanding of what is going on, only then do we see how disturbing so many things have become.


Strange Petroglyph Found in Talabre Ravine, Chile

November 23, 2009

Impressive prehistoric evidence of the UFO presence in the region can be found in various manifestations of rock art in Talabre and the vicinity of Maria Elena.


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